Corporate Identity Academies of Art
[Akademije za Umetnost]
The intention of this Thesis is creating a common Corporate Identity of three different Institutions of higher education that belong to the University of Ljubljana and will be in 2012 or 2013 united in the same building:
• Academy of Fine Arts and Design [Akademija za likovno umetnost in Oblikovanje]
• Academy of Music [Akademija za glasbo]
• Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television [Akademija za Gledališče, Radio, Film in Televizijo]

The practical part was concieved during 2005-2007. The preliminary solution was oriented towards creating a Corporate Identity of fictional organisation, called ”University of Arts - UA”. That was later complemented with additional possibility of designating the Academies within the University of Ljubljana as a distinctive brand, called “Academies of Art - AA”. The selected symbol enables realisation of both possibilities without altering the main symbol.

U+A or A+A= &Conjunction & bears a message of coexistence of three Academies.

1. monocromatic symbol
2. basis of the idea
3. phase leading to the basic symbol
4. basic sybol
5. phase leading to the grayscale symbol


um [mind]

an application for the Academy of Fine Art and Design

an application for the Academy of Music

an application for the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film & Television

vino [vine] + vinjeta [vignette]= vinjeta

Academies of Fine Art and Design / van

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