The book contains short, reflective poems. These are impressions from the subconscious, which are enshrined in the two extremes, in complete peace or in complete chaos.
The concept was literally transferred to the motif of the cover - t
he portrait is a scan of author's face. 
The idea of scanning will continue in the bookstores - the merchants will scan the bar code from his nose.
Child with a broken soul
Fear | Fuck
The author: actor and film director Jan Cvitkovič
(scans by Tomato Košir and his dearly beloved Epson Perfection 2480)
Publisher: Myra Locatelli
Editor: Zdravko Duša
Printed by: Grafex
Papers used: Garda Pat 13 Klassica 200g/m2, Munchen Rough 90g/m2
photos of the book: Peter Koštrun
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