Trump fails to condemn white supremacists in Charlottsville ...
Ko Trump ne uspe obsoditi belih supremacistov v Charlottsvillu ...
Dnevnik, 18. 8. 2017
Murder of British politician Jo Cox
Umor Britanske političarke Jo Cox
Dnevnik, 18. 6. 2016
Dnevnik, cover illustration, 27. 6. 2017
Increased border control from 7th April 2017 on Schengen is slowing down EU
Dnevnik, cover illustration, 29. 3. 2017
Berlin mourns but does not surrender (Berlin attack aftermath)
Dnevnik, cover illustration, 21. 12. 2016
It is not an army, it's a circus! (On poorly equipped Slovenian army)
Dnevnik, cover illustration, 20. 5. 2017
They say Slovenia is in The White House (on Trump's Slovene wife Melania)
Dnevnik, editorial illustration, 10. 11. 2016
Arbitrage (when Slovenia got an open exit to the Adriatic see, and Croatia more on the land)
Dnevnik, cover illustration, 29. 7. 2017
Manchester Ariana Grande concert attack
Dnevni, cover illustration, 24. 5. 2017
When the Slovenian government built a wall as a symbol of unification :)
Dnevnik, editorial illustration, 14. 7. 2017
Slovene premier's resignation due to irregularities on the 2. rail track project
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