Bloodsuckers and dental tourism – teeth for the price of a car
An illustration on the topic of expensive dental work in Slovenia & emerging dental tourism.
Let's go to the Moon, let's go to Mars – The problem of losing weight in space
About the Slovenian research programme about sustenance in space.
The three stars, their position and colours are taken from the Slovenian coat of arms.
Indecisiveness and vagueness – Survey: what our politicians dare to tell us
The responses of the Slovenian politicians to the pre-election survey were so indecisive and unclear,
that even the editorship had no idea how to interpret them.
Hate speech
An illustration on the topic of hate speech that the defeated party resorted to in order to describe the voters of the opposing party,
labelling them as new citizens dressed in sweat suits (a stereotype for immigrants from the former Yugoslavia).
This gave rise to a protest in sweat suits.
European Capital of Culture
An illustration on the topic of the European Capital of Culture, Maribor 2012 – an event that failed miserably.
The abolishment of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
The logotype of the ministry was left unchanged, with the exception of the second comma.
Erased citizens
Illustration on the topic of Slovenian xenophobia and the »Erased«, now illegal citizens.
From the article: »They told me I'm a foreigner now, and that I have to return to my country to get my documents in order.
The lady behind the small window took my identity card and used scissors to cut it in half. 
There was a war in Bosnia. I didn't have anywhere to go.«
Integrity and politics: Being truthful is not a virtue of the politicians
An illustration on the topic of certificate forgery of a Slovenian politician. The magazine cover was hand-drawn.
The 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster.
Impending Expulsion of Greece from the Euro zone
Due to the poor economic situation, Greece is at risk of expulsion from the European Monetary Union.
No one should know we gave anything, because it might encourage others
Slovenian companies are keeping their infrequent charitable activities secret in order to avoid encourage further applicants.
Archbishop's business trip
Vatican recalled the Slovenian Archbishop virtually overnight, in an extremely peculiar manner and without any explanation.
After the Second World War, the island of Goli otok was transformed into a high-security, top secret prison and labour camp
run by the authorities of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which the communist government used to get rid
of its political opponents, often with unclear show trials. Vatican was always critical about it. Now they are taking similar steps.
When Slovenia asks for financial aid from EU
The map of Slovenia resembles the shape of a chicken.
USA in the grip of the forces of continuity
USA after the 2012 presidential elections.
Political and financial crisis in Slovenia
Slovenian coat of arms with a small correction – Triglav mountain sinking into the sea.
Published on the day of the Mayan prediction of the end of the world.
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