Climate changes
There will be flood
Cooks from the same book
About the Easter reconciliation between Catholics and the Orthodox. In 2014 they celebrated Easter on the same day.
Jail time for JJ
When our former Prime Minister Janez Janša (also known as JJ) was sentenced to prison.
The cover alludes to the »SS« neckties cover from two years ago, when the defeated party resorted to hate speech
against the winning option by labelling its voters as new citizens - immigrants dressed in sweat suits.
Bread and Games...
Excessive spending at the FIFA World Cup 2014, while millions of Brazilians struggle with poverty.
The best neighbour
A company from neighboring Croatia (the red chess-board pattern is an element from Croatia's coat of arms)
acquired Slovenia's biggest retailer Mercator, also know by its slogan “Mercator, the best neighbor”
The Crimean Crisis
»Zemljo krast« (»Stealing land«) is an old Slovenian children's game, perfect to illustrate the situation.
From Slovenia with love
Despite the escalating war, Slovenia continues to export weapons to Syria.
New hope: Slovenia after yet another early election
So can we now finally go on vacation now?
Stress tests. I know why.
Our biggest state-owned bank NLB (featured by its slightly modified logo) again failed the financial “stress tests”,
facing further injections of equity capital from the government. Notes: NLP means UFO in Slovenian. I know why is NLB slogan.
Stress tests. I know why. – unrealised 
The price of Slovenian state administration
Featuring the Triglav mountain, a Slovenian symbol also appearing in the Slovenian coat of arms.
Tycoons and their companies, which have been under close scrutiny and criticism of the media in recent years
have bought many of newspapers and TV stations. Their reporting has consequently changed overnight.

FNF ad – visual commentary of the current Slovenian media trends and culture
at the start of the 3rd Festival of Media Culture & Trends (organised by Slovene Association of Journalists.
FNF = festival Naprej/Forward
DNS = SAJ = Slovene Association of Journalists
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