Germany mourns, but does not give up
(cover of Dnevnik, 21st December 2016)
The White House
cover of Objektiv after Trump's election
illustration for cover of Dnevnik, 27th June, 2016
Don't Panic
So Long And Thanks For All The Fish & Chips

(Brexit: Will Britain stay or leave EU? It makes no difference)
Objektiv, 18th June 2016
Istambul Airport Attack, 28th June, 2016
Three terrorists armed with bombs and guns attacked the main international terminal, opening fire, and eventually detonating their devices.
Expensive routes to the European paradise
Fortress Europe enabled a profitable business for smugglers of refugees
Slovenian fears, prejudices and missed opportunities.
Slovenian army
About inadequate equipment of the Slovenian Armed Forces
the process of illustrating :)
The scale of Volkswagens emissions scandal seems to be spreading to its other brands (Audi, Seat, Škoda).
BMW and Bosch are also under investigation.
Greek elections
Greece is in addition to financial dependence, also loosing all the remaining autonomy.
Crucifixion of Greece
Greece has decided to stay in the Euro zone but rejected Troika's unreasonable demands by referendum.
Not much changed - Europe responded with resentment and new ultimatums after which Greece has practically lost power
to decide it's faith and has become victim to Europe's "accountants".
Refugees and Slovenia
Slovenia's system is embarrassingly inhumane towards immigrants. Instead of improving immigrant laws
and setting quotas Slovenia's politicians are being passive and taking a populist stance by quoting existing laws
and leaving the immigrant problems to other countries.
P.S.: Four months later even begins with the construction of the fence on the border made of barbed wire.
I hope I did not give them any ideas..
The way modern industry works
Every move is an expense which is why the industry is relying more and more on automatisation of work processes.
The slight delay can cause production to stop. Timing has to be perfect, there is no room for mistakes.
That is why robots are now prefered. They never have to take a lunch break.
About safety at work and much more worrying issues
Historical collision between the Slovenian public health system and politics
After some major problems at an intensive care department of Slovenia's biggest hospital the Minister of health's response is blunt.
Her style of helping hospitals is telling them to help themselves. Communication between health workers and the ministry
is at an all time low. The doctors are getting angry. 
Note: In the rounded version of slovenian symbol Triglav (the three-headed mountain) gets a different, naughtier meaning
Despite the increasing frequency of cybercrime, weak passwords are still widespread. 
»123456« and »password« are still the most common by far.
Towards World War III
On the 70th Anniversary of Victory Day we have an impression of peace, but WW3 is closer than ever.
Srebrenica, Saturday, 11 July 2015
Twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide
Charlie Hebdo
The Charlie Hebdo massacre on 07/01/15 was widely seen as an attack on freedom of speech.
Je suis Charlie, one year after
Government attempts to save the remaining big Slovene retailer Tuš [Shower]
The increase of Sloevnian “tobacco tax” will most likely boost the black market and, consequently, bring less to the state.
Dossier Balkan drug lord: The game of eliminating the evidence on court
Cover for Objektiv supplement of Dnevnik newspaper, 2th April 2016
Croatian firms eating slovene companies, although Slovenia had the first move.
Objektiv, 27. 8. 2016
published in Dnevnik, 20th April, 2016
RIP Jo Cox
British politician Jo Cox, who supported Britain staying in European Union, died in a street attack on Thursday, a brazen and startling assault in a country where attacks on politicians are extremely rare and the slaying of a lawmaker is without parallel in recent UK history.
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