For sure, one of the current problems of Slovenians and Europeans in genaral is moderate to severe apathy towards everything that they don't have right in front of the durmas. But if they can respond, it's often motivated by their own narcissism, along the lines of "I have an opinion about everything and now I'm going to prove you all wrong."
That is why I only tried to realistically show the horror of a situation where there is no longer any security, thereby bringing the entire battlefield closer to the Slovenes or to Europeans as a real and not just a philosophical problem.
For Slovenians and many Europeans, the Israel-Hamas front represents only an opportunity for public battles of opinion on the networks.
So I wanted to realistically bring all the danger and horror to them.
As the matter is of a very sensitive nature, I checked any objections with a couple of colleagues, including a friend from Israel and a colleague who has been to Gaza several times.
first sketch
2nd sketch
3rd sketch
4th sketch
Final one
Big thanks to Politico's art director Tim Ball!
He always responded quickly and was a joy to work with.
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