step 1: presentation of the initial ideas, comments, correctures, discussion, and forming of a final decision
step 2: group or individual lectures
step 3: sketches & bezier control points exercises
step 4: vectorising
step 5: prints, correctures and fine tunning
Aljaž Vesel, Emsley
continuation of a corporate slab serif typefamily with an English flavor
Barbara Borko, Slap Slab
continuation of a slab serif intended for web
Boris Divjak, Cuddly Sans
round sans serif typeface to counterpart serif fonts of wider proportions
Clara Wildberger, Kigeling
continuation of a light linear sans serif for acompaniing authors photographical work
Damian Langosz, Hazel
humanist serif with a calligraphic character
Dedi Cohen, Ollophid
slab serif latin typeface created for acompaniing hebrew texts, where bilinguality is a necessity
*next to Ollophid is a Hebrew font David by Itamar David (
Jan Janeček, Skvär
continuation of an evenly “gray” serif type family with large apertures, high x-height, and a squarish skelet form
new feature: cyrillic, in progress: greek
María Ramos, Calada
continuation of a linear sans serif typeface where stencil features are used for a releave of dark areas
Peter Stupica, Gotiva
italic inspired by greek minuscules
Tomato Košir, Rastignac Regular & Italic
continuation of a didone typefamily Rastignac
Verena Manyet, Pandora
addition of multiple weights to the Pandora typefamily, a slightly rounded sans serif, with different style variations for titling
our classroom & dining room:
field trips:
11th international type design workshop
will be organised already
30th of August to 6th of September 2015
in Triglav national park,
Trenta, Slovenia

Our workshops deal with bodytext and display typefaces for print and digital usage. Participants of all levels of expertise come from all over the world: Austria, Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Romania, Slovenia ... ... to work for a week in Trenta Valley, Slovenia. The final products includes typefaces with 40 characters minimum, which are later displayed in B1 poster size.
Our participation fee is 330 Eur, which covers mentorship, sleeping and eating arrangement, prints...
If you are interested into participating at our 11th workshop, please send an e-mail to
So hurry up & join us in Trenta!
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